Langley Mystery Weekend

The Author

Loretta Martin (The Mystery Woman) has been writing and producing mystery events for over 18 years. This Whidbey Island native not only writes the annual Langley Mystery Weekend but has written mystery events for small towns, shopping malls, resorts, and bed & breakfasts from Washington State to New Hampshire. According to Loretta, “I love to write quirky mysteries and produce events which work to promote local businesses and increase community spirit.”

Loretta has over twenty basic mystery events in her portfolio, with more added each year. She prides herself on the flexibility of her mysteries. Loretta assures us that, “Every mystery I write has at least five possible adaptations (alternate endings) so that no two mystery productions will turn out the same.” She also customizes each mystery to the town or venue in which it takes place. These mysteries vary in size from three “suspects” and ten clues to over 25 “suspects” and more than 40 clues. Many mysteries also include a “newspaper” and live solution play or dinner party.

Loretta holds Bachelor’s degrees in both Design and Communications. Before moving home to Whidbey Island twenty years ago she worked as an award winning television producer, a regional broadcast journalist, a national marketing director, and a public relations director for a hospital. She was Executive Director of the Langley Chamber of Commerce for nine years and it was during this time that she began writing and producing the Langley Mystery Weekend events, sometimes alone and sometimes with one or two co-writers.

During the fifteen years Loretta has been writing and producing the Langley Mystery Weekend event it has more than doubled in size and gone from an event earning just over $600 to between four and five thousand dollar for its sponsor, the Langley Chamber. Under Loretta’s leadership the event has received extensive media coverage being featured on The Hallmark Channel, in national and regional magazines, newspapers from Los Angeles to New York City, and in several travel books.

Any group interested in consulting Loretta about writing and/or producing a mystery event for them can contact Loretta by email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .